Cold Chain Logistics

Temperature control and maintenance to respect the cold chain.

The cold chain involves the complex process required to transport temperature-sensitive products from the source where they were manufactured or gathered right to their final user. This involves multiple transportation phases and the varied warehousing and transportation hubs within this process. The thermal integrity of these goods at every moment within the entire process is fundamental in ensuring safety and quality.

SRMTEC solutions within the cold chain process include reciprocating and semi-hermetic compressors of varying sizes and configurations. A compact and robust design is matched with high efficiency, utter reliability and flexibility towards the various requirements cold chain logistics demand, with a very complete range covering each specific user need within temperature-controlled transport and storage.

RP1 / RP2 series

Single-stage compressors with displacements from 17,5 to 225 m3/h and motor powers spanning 3-70HP. Typically used in commercial and industrial refrigeration and specific air conditioning systems. Available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 cylinder configurations for low and medium temperature applications.

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DP1 series

Two-stage compressors with displacements from 27,6 to 51,5 m3/h and motor powers spanning 12-30HP. Two consecutive compression stages allow operation at lower compression ratios for each stage, resulting in improved efficiency. Available in 4 or 6 cylinder configurations.

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RW3 Series: Screw Compressors for Commercial Refrigeration

Compressors designed for use within numerous Refrigeration applications and for operation in low (L) and medium/high (H) temperature systems, offered with displacements from 118 to 700 m3/h and motor powers spanning 30-250HP. RW3 offers capacity control and configurable Vi ratios.

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RW5 series: Screw Compressors for Commercial Refrigeration

The patented compressor with variable Vi control, ensuring very high energy efficiencies whatever the conditions. Offered with displacements from 85 to 850 m3/h, motor powers spanning 20-250HP and for operation at medium/low temperatures. A unique semi-hermetic package developed for Refrigeration.

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