Our Strengths

A worldwide leader

SRM Italy is an integral part of Snowman Group, the world’s fastest growing compressor supplier, with 14 Group Companies on 5 continents and sales partners covering every continent. Our technical excellence and elevated production capacity affirm our position as a leading global refrigeration compressor manufacturer.

Deep-rooted history

SRMTEC’s origins date back to 1908 with the founding of Svenska Rotor Maskiner (SRM) in Stockholm (Sweden). SRM’s first compressor dates back to 1934, when SRM invented the screw compressor, revolutionizing the market. Today’s SRMTEC, headquartered in Italy, remains faithful to this deep-rooted pioneering spirit.

Strong customer focus

SRMTEC is committed to close collaboration with its customers and partners, offering an intensely personal support experience and a focus towards projects meticulously developed according to individual customer requirements. At SRM Italy we don’t merely supply products, we offer solutions to customer needs.


SRM Italy is fully dedicated to a greener future. Our products feature unique patented innovations which set them apart in the quest for lower energy consumptions. We offer compressor solutions optimized for the application of environmentally friendly and natural refrigerants, including ammonia, propane, CO2 and HFOs.

Products for all your needs

SRMTEC represents the most extensive range of screw and reciprocating compressors, tailored to specific commercial and industrial market applications. SRMTEC compressors cater for standard and natural refrigerants and include 60Hz-UL configurations. We also offer specific ranges featuring unique patented technologies.

Applications know-how

A consolidated know-how covering individual commercial and industrial market applications ensures SRMTEC exactly meets every specific customer request in line with their unique needs. We believe that an optimized system stems from understanding the exact needs and offering personalized solutions.

R&D driven excellence

The invention of screw compressor technology back in 1934 forever established the SRM brand within refrigeration compressor history. This spirit remains to the day: we possess over 300 patents and offer unique patented technologies within our products. The Group boasts 6 R&D facilities spread across 3 continents.

Quality manufacturing

SRM Italy’s brand-new manufacturing facilities in Lonigo (Italy) feature the most advanced production and quality assurance technologies. Optimized processes combine with stringent quality control and performance tests for every compressor we manufacture, ensuring SRMTEC compressors offer unrivalled peace of mind.

Company History


Svenska Rotor Maskiner (SRM) is founded in Stockholm, Sweden.


SRM invents the screw compressor, revolutionising the market.


SRM merges with Fujian Snowman, establishing a leading global compressor supplier.


Integration of RefComp, a global semi-hermetic compressor pioneer based in Italy.


Launch of SRMTEC blue, offering solutions with standard refrigerants, propane and CO2.


Launch of SRMTEC orange, focussing on ammonia applications.


SRM Italy opens its brand-new production facilities in Lonigo.

The Group

SRM Italy forms part of Fujian Snowman Co. Ltd, a rapidly growing international Group operating worldwide with multiple renowned international brands.
The Group is focussed on new energy solutions and energy saving technologies, including refrigeration compressors, ice making solutions, waste heat recovery, low-grade energy utilization and fuel cell technology.
The Group is active on every continent worldwide and is directly present, with 14 Group Companies, 6 R&D centres and manufacturing on 2 continents, in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and Australasia.
Snowman Group will continue to concentrate on advanced energy technologies and strong expansion into all international markets, to become the global focus point for new energy solutions.


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