Applications – Heat pumps

Heat Pumps

Heating and hot water with low environmental impact and from renewable sources.

Heat Pumps are an exciting, fast-growing application. It is now possible to effortlessly supply heating and hot water applying renewable energy sources, offering numerous opportunities. Heat Pump technology covers both commercial and industrial applications, with variable temperature needs within low, medium, and high temperature systems including ambient heating, industrial sectors, swimming pools, and sanitary hot water. SRMTec compressors meet the unique challenges heat pump systems demand, with dedicated compact screw compressors offering elevated operating efficiency levels and a perfect adaptability to the highly variety and quickly changing operating conditions involved in heat pump technology. The compressors reliability and guaranteed continuous operation are ensured, with multiple product offerings unique patented technologies.

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The unique patented compressor with automatic continuously variable Vi ratio, ensuring very high energy efficiencies. Offered with displacements from 365 m3/h to 1150 m3/h and motor powers spanning from 100 HP to 300 HP. Used in applications including liquid chillers, heat pumps and process cooling.


Offered with displacements from 270 m3/h to 1100 m3/h and motor powers spanning from 70 HP to 300 HP, optimised for high energy efficiencies using refrigerant R134a and R1234. Used in medium and high evaporating temperature applications including liquid chillers, heat pumps and process cooling.