Semi-hermetic Screw Compressors for Refrigeration

Semi-hermetic Screw Compressors for Refrigeration (without oil separator)

Semi-hermetic screw compressors for Standards refrigerants and ammonia, developed for low and medium temperature refrigeratioN, in the field of chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical, cold chain logistics, and marine refrigeration.

Screw compressors specifically developed for low and medium temperature refrigeration, ensuring optimum performance and high reliability.
A total of 5 ranges, with 120 models spanning from 85 m3/h to 10.850 m3/h displacement range, offer operation with both Standard refrigerants and Ammonia, including the unique semi-hermetic configuration using Ammonia (SRS).
Typical applications include marine refrigeration, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical processes, industrial refrigeration, cold chain logistics, ultra-low temperature refrigeration, high temperature ammonia heat pumps and NH3/CO2 cascade refrigeration systems.
The SRMTec range offers high efficiency variable frequency configurations (RW5), open type versions including high pressure configurations and single or 2-stage models.
Customer specified Vi control and the possibility to apply variable frequency drive ensure highest efficiency levels.


Commercial Compressors for use with HFCs, HFOs and HCFCs, offering optimised operation with both the latest refrigerant developments and established solutions.


High efficiency semi-hermetic screw compressor. With ammonia.