Semi-hermetic Compact Screw Compressors

Semi-hermetic Compact Screw Compressors

From the inventor of screw compressor technology

Compact screw compressors for operation with standard refrigerants and Propane, including versions optimised for R134a and R1234. 5 specific ranges and a total of 86 models offer displacements from 118 to 1540 m3/h and motor powers in the 40-420HP range. A wide spectrum of applications and conditions are catered for, including chillers, heat pumps, refrigeration and flooded systems. SRMTEC offers elevated efficiency levels, with high efficiency and ultra-efficient models, as well as versions with an internal frequency inverter, a unique configuration first developed on SRMTEC compressors. Customer specified Vi control ensures further efficiency gains, and all models are suitable for variable frequency drive; RS5 uniquely features automatic continuous Vi control. Thanks to an extensive range of configurations, options and accessories, SRMTEC solutions perfectly cover all customer requirements.


Compressors for use with HFCs, HFOs and HCFCs, offering optimised operation with both the latest refrigerant developments and established solutions.


Compressors designed to maximise applications with Propane, suitable in both small and large systems and offering zero ODP and a negligible GWP.


Semi-hermetic screw compressor with centrifugal oil separator and ammonia coalescing filter Compact, highly efficient and natural chiller solution for process cooling, air conditioning and data center cooling.