Standard Refrigerants

Standard Refrigerants

Semi-hermetic Screw Compressors for Commercial Refrigeration

Compressors for use with HFCs, HFOs and HCFCs, offering optimised operation with both the latest refrigerant developments and established solutions.


Compressors designed for use within numerous Refrigeration applications and for operation in low (L) and medium/high (H) temperature systems, offered with displacements from 118 to 700 m3/h and motor powers spanning 30-250HP. RW3 offers capacity control and configurable Vi ratios.


The patented compressor with variable Vi control, ensuring very high energy efficiencies whatever the conditions. Offered with displacements from 85 to 850 m3/h, motor powers spanning 20-250HP and for operation at medium/low temperatures. A unique semi-hermetic package developed for Refrigeration.