Open screw compressors


The open-drive SRM screw compressor remains a reliable workhorse for its versatility and ruggedness.
Updated with the new 5/7 lobe i-profile rotors and further improved thanks to extra-strong bearings, the SRM series is still the benchmark of industrial refrigeration and perfectly suited for natural and ecological refrigerants such as R717, R290, R1270.


For low-temperature applications where side loading on the high stage is not needed, such as a dedicated spiral freezer system.
The dual-stage SRM compressor offers a high-efficiency solution with a smaller footprint than a booster system with two refrigeration systems.
Applicable to natural and eco-friendly refrigerants such as R717, R290, R1270.


The big brother of the SRM compressor is capable of reaching a reference pressure of 63 bar.
Thanks to plain bearings and a 4/6 lobe ratio with a more robust rotor diameter, this compressor range is perfectly suited for the operation of ammonia heat pumps and CO2 cascade systems with their needs.