01.Our Company

SRM Italy is an integral part of Fujian Snowman Group. With the highest global growth rate in the production of refrigerant compressors, Fujian Snowman Group is located in all continents with 16 companies and several commercial partners. Our technical brillaince and the elevated productive capacity confirm our global leadership in the refrigeration compressors production.

Our origins go back to 1908 with the founding of Svenska Rotor Maskiner (SRM) in Stockholm, Sweden. Our first compressor dates back in 1934, when SRM invented the screw compressor technology, changing the market. Today, SRM Italy remains true to this pioneering spirit by offering advanced technical solutions.


Pioneers and inventors of screw compressors over 85 years ago, today we offer the most complete range in the world of screw and alternative compressors for commercial and industrial applications, directly from the most modern production plants in Italy. Our technologically innovative solutions are supported by experienced technicians on all continents. But above all, we listen to our customers, offer customized solutions, and always stay close to them.

02.Our Products

Semi-hermetic Reciprocating Compressors

Applications: commercial and industrial refrigeration.

Semi-hermetic Screw Compressors for Refrigeration

Applications: commercial and industrial refrigeration, marine installations, cold logistics, ultra-low temperature refrigeration, high-temperature ammonia heat pumps.

Semi-hermetic Compact Screw Compressors

Applications: air conditioning, chillers, heat pumps, process cooling.

Open Screw Compressor

Applications: industrial refrigeration applications and heat pumps.

03.Our Applications

  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Cooling of industrial processes
  • Heat pumps
  • Air conditioning
  • Cold chain
Industrial refrigeration covers a wide range of applications. Some examples include the oil and gas sector, heavy industries, perishable goods preservation, cheese factories, breweries, and marine refrigeration.
Commercial refrigeration allows consumers to enjoy fresh and safe products all year round, regardless of local environmental conditions.
Process cooling covers a wide range of applications. Some examples include the oil and gas sector, heavy industries, perishable goods preservation, cheese factories, breweries, and marine refrigeration.
The heat pump sector is rapidly growing. Today, it is possible to easily provide heating and hot water using renewable energy sources, offering numerous application opportunities.
Air conditioning surrounds us practically all day. It is a comfort requested in hotels, shopping centers, offices, public buildings, hospitals, and residential environments.
The cold chain involves the complex process required to transport temperature-sensitive products from the source where they were manufactured or harvested directly to the end user

04.Our services


The SRMTec selection software defines the optimum compressor for your needs, verifying performance, efficiency and application conformance.


Customer Assistance

We offer customer assistance worldwide, with qualified expert technicians and highly competent partners continuously trained directly by SRMTec.


Original spareparts

SRMTec compressors are advanced and precision engineered, their long-term elevated performance can only be ensured by applying original SRMTec spare parts.



We offer training at our dedicated training centre in SRM Italy, featuring both classrooms and fully equipped technical hands-on labs, as well as directly in the field.


Maintenance and repairs

Thanks to our group companies and authorized service centers we offer remanufactured compressors for previous and current ranges, repair and maintenance services.


Authorized Dealers

Thanks to a dense network of partners present in multiple geographical territories, it is possible to purchase SRMTec products all over the world. Discover the authorized distribution center closest to you.


05.News & Events